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All WINZ and no play. An update on beneficiary advocacy.

Numbers, predictions, and the usual WINZ terror. About the plan to reduce beneficiary numbers by 25%.

No Way TPPA. About what the TPPA might mean for those with chronic health conditions.

Who benefits? A look at welfare policy pre-election.

All Eyes On You. Welfare reform and being watched by WINZ.

Every day’s a rainy day. Living on a low income.

Poetry and politics. Why they work together.


WINZ (some repeats of above, as this is political much of the time)

All WINZ and no play. An update on beneficiary advocacy.

Numbers, predictions, and the usual WINZ terror. About the plan to reduce beneficiary numbers by 25%.

All Eyes On You. Welfare reform and being watched by WINZ.

Education and disability. Why you can’t study on a benefit.

The one beneficiary who is different? No. I get tired of people thinking I’m different. I’m not a minority.

A bee in her bonnet – responding to Paula Bennett’s attack on me in the Nelson Mail.

 I don’t give a damn about my reputation. WINZ’s attitude to the NZ public.

Jet-setting beneficiaries – how lucky are we?! – Responding to the noise around beneficiaries travelling.

Terror and humiliation – just another day with WINZ. My most famous post.

A beggar and a criminal. An older one about why I write about WINZ and act as an advocate when I can.


About being ill

Not Your Inspiration. What I learned about disability from Stella Young.

Insomniacs Anonymous. Can’t sleep, don’t sleep.

Living with AS. A progress update about living with Ankylosing Spondylitis.

Is your cane necessary or aesthetic? About people not believing you are sick.

More about Spoon Theory. Spoon Theory is a way of explaining to healthy people what living with chronic illness feels like.

This is the story of how I got sick.



One in Three. Nelson Mail column on domestic violence and the lack of accommodation for women.

Women don’t own their bodies, apparently. A rant on reproductive rights.

‘My Feminism.’ Why I use this modifier, and what feminism means to me.

Who’s afraid of the F-Word? About Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of One’s Own’

The language of rape. *TW.  How we talk about rape contributes to rape culture.

My feminist friends. Some stuff about learning to be a feminist, and all the great feminists I know.

How Not To Be Creepy on Twitter. A helpful guide.

Hysteria: Not so historical. Some thoughts about the use of the word hysteria, and why doctors have trouble believing female patients.

Sterilised and silenced – again some stuff about medical rights and women’s rights and contraception and mental health.

Rape Culture and Me. *TW. I got followed on the street.


About poetry and books and writing

‘The War of Art.’  A book that helped me stop procrastinating and start taking myself seriously as a writer.

How Does It Hurt?‘ Introducing my Book of the Year.

‘Writers have lives, not careers.’ A column on being a writer in New Zealand.

What to do when you can’t do it. Some tips for dealing with writer’s block.

Poetry and politics. Why they work together.

Things I don’t want to know.  A book I adored.

Wild Little Jewels.  About the pain of the writing process.

Poems in my bones. My friend Stefanie Lash’s incredible book of poetry, Bird murder.

All the words are written. About being a poet.


About mental health

The Uncertainty Principle. More about GAD and dealing with uncertainty.

Beating anxiety. What I’ve learned about living with GAD.

Insomniacs Anonymous. Can’t sleep, don’t sleep.

The problem with “reaching out.” Why we need to learn to reach in.

What I wish I’d known about SSRIs.

What is the cost? This was a post I wrote in response to Bob Jones when he said he didn’t feel guilty about the fact he had told someone to commit suicide – and they did.

Panicking about panicking. What it’s like living with an anxiety disorder.



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